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Wholesale trade was carried out in non-organized and chaotic manner before establishment of the Company having an adverse affect on the development of the sector.  The entrepreneurs and the importers found it difficult to distribute the products throughout the country and to deliver the goods to the end users. The main area of sales was limited to the capital of the country, which, in its turn, had influence on the formation of the price policy, particularly in the regions. This resulted in the need to legalize, organize of the wholesale trade and to regulate the price policy laying the foundation for establishment of the Company. 20-year of experience of the founders in import, trade and distribution, as well as evaluation of the current situation and the endeavor to create the civilized and well managed wholesale trade network in the entire territory of the country delivered the results and in 2010 the Company JIBE Cash & Carry was established. Soon the situation was sharply changed in the wholesale trade sector, and it was possible to distribute the manufactured and imported products throughout the country and accordingly, the customers were able to purchase the goods without intermediaries. Demand was increasing along with the Company expansion and it was required to introduce the modern global standards.

JIBE Cash & Carry is the first and only well managed wholesale trading network in Georgia providing service to legal and private customers.

JIBE CASH & CARRY operates 13 branches in all big cities throughout Georgia and expands its business on an annual basis;

JIBE Cash & Carry is focused on introduction of the wholesale trade based on the innovative solutions and modern standards. The network is developed in compliance with the planned strategy and goal. By now 250 supplier companies steadily cooperate with the Company represented with 7000 various branded products;