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Wide range of all well-known branded products is represented in our network. Each branch maintains the sufficient amount of stock of products enabling to satisfy the business and private needs of our customers in an immediate and uninterrupted manner.

Grocery Products

  • Oil

  • Food preserves

  • Bread and cereals

  • Seasonings

  • Sauces

  • Sugar

  • Flour


  • Sweets sold by weight

  • Packaged sweets

  • Chewing gum  snacks


  • Non- alcoholic drinks

  • Alcoholic drinks

Tea, Coffee and Breakfast

Coffee, tea, sugar, jam, cakes and other products.

Frozen food products

  • Frozen food products

  • Sausage products

  • Eggs

  • Mayonnaise

  • Dairy products

  • Fat products

  • Meat & seafood products

Household Chemicals and Hygiene

  • Bath and kitchen care products  

  • Perfumery and cosmetics

  • Oral care products

  • Stationery items

  • Household items

  • Body and hair care products

  • Taundry detergents

  • Paper products

  • Hygienic goods


  • Cigarette and accessories